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“Helping clients enjoy their teeth for a lifetime” means providing age-appropriate dental therapies.  As technology advances, so does our treatment approach at Tim Loughran Dentistry.  For example, in the middle 1980’s we began offering a then-revolutionary self-help protocol to patients with gum disease so tooth-loss was not inevitable.  Also about that same time, we began restoring front teeth simply to improve their appearance in the smile.  Then, in the early 1990’s we began routinely viewing back teeth with the magnified image from an intraoral camera. This was done so that problems could be detected before toothache was evident.  In 1995, we threw away dental amalgam, because metal fillings were showing to be much more harmful to tooth structure than the modern metal-free alternative.  Then, in 2001, we made the major leap to the hydrokinetic laser so treatment could be managed in a more conservative and comfortable manner.  After that, 2006 was the year we began surgically placing dental implants to replace missing teeth and to anchor loose dentures. Meanwhile, also in 2006, we began viewing digital radiographs on a television screen so patients could see what we were able to see.

With our high-tech capability and our strong focus on patient-centered objectives, we’ve made it clear that we are here to provide the best possible care for you. As a result, our Tim Loughran Dentistry practice continues a proven tradition of “helping clients enjoy their teeth for a lifetime.” 

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