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Our Fees

All fees for services performed in our office are fully explained at the time appointment commitments are made.  We are proud of our fees and believe they compare favorably with fees of similar dental practices in the Marion-to-Carbondale area.  We cannot know what the quality of service a particular fee would garner you in any other office, but we always know what advantages and benefits you will receive from us.  If value is important to you, please consider these general features of our practice when price-shopping for dental services.

  • Our staff members are regularly complimented for their friendly, caring manner.
  • Maintenance visits for routine cleaning/exam have a FIXED FEE that covers everything needed to maintain your dental health through to the NEXT maintenance visit.  There is no additional charge for maintenance x-rays, fluoride treatment, extensive home-care instructions, or various oral health care take-home aids.
  • Active clients are never charged for “office visits.” Whenever patients feel the need to be seen outside of their “routine checkup pattern”, the doctor’s time does not carry a fee.
  • We consider it professionally embarrassing if someone winces during a treatment procedure.  We have worked very hard to keep appointments from being uncomfortable, and we much appreciate the many sincere comments we receive in this regard.
  • Active clients can personally talk with Dr. Loughran outside of patient hours, any day of the week, by phoning direct.
  • Use of our No-shot, No-Drill LASER carries no additional charges.

Payment Plans

Because each client has a financial status that is as unique as his or her lifestyle, we offer payment plans to satisfy almost everyone’s circumstances.  Monthly payments are handled by a third party without the additional cost of interest charges or processing fees, assuring that your treatment proceeds comfortably and conveniently.

Dental Insurance

We do everything in our power to exceed clients’ expectations.  We consider every service provided by our office as an agreement between the patient and the dentist.  The insurance relationship, on the other hand, is little more than a business contract between your employer and an insurance company.  If you have dental insurance, your employer would prefer that your insurance benefits appear as generous as possible, while the insurance company would prefer to avoid paying out any claim possible.  If you were to determine who was most interested in helping you maintain optimum dental health, in what order would you rate your employer, your dental insurance company, and your dental office?

We are pleased that you may have insurance benefits to help you with the cost of your dental care, and we always want to help you obtain the maximum use of these benefits. As a courtesy, we submit your claims, track them, and accept payment directly from the insurance company on your behalf.  Because we work with hundreds of plans, and due to regular changes in those many plans, it is impossible to give you guaranteed quotes of their payments.  Our computer can give predictions based on historical data, but these are only estimates.  If you need to know exact insurance benefits for proposed treatment, we can file a “pre-authorization” with your insurance company, and expect a response in 2-4 weeks.  This will delay treatment but you will know exact out of pocket figures you may require.

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