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Brightening & Reshaping

Teeth Whitening & Reshaping

In this section, our dental team emphasizes smile enhancement gained by teeth whitening and reshaping. Maintaining your smile is very important. And, it only becomes more important over time. When teeth become worn with age, the flat edges and sharp corners in the smile zone may be reshaped to give you a more youthful appearance. Natural tooth shades generally darken with age. In other words, brightened smiles appear to be more youthful. Professional teeth whitening is a fantastic option if you want to see amazing results that help your smile to appear younger.

This portfolio only contains examples of cosmetic dentistry completed in our practice. The images of the teeth and gums are un-retouched. Each page contains before and after views of one patient. In some of the examples, you may be unable to identify all the changes made to the teeth, and that is understandable. We always strive for natural-looking results and patient satisfaction is the most important measure of our success. If you want quality, professional teeth whitening in Southern Illinois then give us a call to schedule an appointment or visit us on Facebook.

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