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Best Age to Get Braces


Many parents are eager to ask their children’s dentist what the best time to get braces is. Why is this question important? Well, if you get braces too early, you will most likely need further treatment later in life. If you get them too late, they will have to be worn for a much longer period of time. 

While a common response from many children’s dentists is, “it depends” there are many conclusions that can be drawn from experience to give our patients a good idea on deciding what age would be best. 

Early children’s dentist intervention 

It is always recommended by dentists that a child be evaluated for braces by the age of 7. Keep in mind that this does not mean the child should get braces that early, just evaluated for them. If you are using a children’s dentist professional you will get a very good idea of what your child’s future orthodontic care will look like. 

By the age of seven, much of a child’s baby teeth should have or be coming out. This allows a skilled children’s dentist to make a decently accurate assessment of how the adult teeth will be aligned and if braces will be needed in the future. The only reason a dentist should apply some sort of brace or other tooth aligner is if the child’s teeth alignment issue is severe to the point where it impacts speech, the consumption of food, or other vital aspects of their life. 

A child can get braces at this early age if they have a condition the children’s dentist sees as a reasonable cause for them. These conditions consist of crossbites and crowding. Treating these early can be very beneficial for the child to avoid permanent issues. 

Keep in mind that braces require a lot of care, so be prepared to assist your younger child with caring for them, if they require braces this early in life. 

Common Children’s Dentist Treatment Age: years 10 – 14

The most common ages to receive braces are between age 10 to 14. This is usually the time when baby teeth have been completely replaced with adult teeth, and the jaw has grown strong enough to handle typical long-term orthodontic care. 

Usually, a children’s dentist will offer many different forms of braces. These come in the form of metal brackets, ceramics, and invisible options. While much of the stigma surrounding braces have been eliminated, make sure to speak with your child about the changes in their appearance before getting braces. 

As a teenager, your child should be at an age where they can reasonably care for their braces without assistance. When getting braces at this age, most children’s dentist prescribed braces for one-half to two years. Once the braces are removed, expect to wear a retainer for a period of time afterward to ensure the teeth stay aligned after treatment. 

Late Treatment: ages 14+ 

While you may not be using a children’s dentist at this point, it is never too late for braces. There are many reasons to not get braces as a child, and luckily there are many ways to get them as an adult. 

Teeth do stop growing after adolescence, just like any other bone would. However, just because they are not changing constantly, this does not mean they cannot be corrected. When getting braces as an adult, expect to alter different aspects of your daily schedule. Ask your dentist for specifics, but typically, expect changes to your diet, your morning, and nightly schedule. Just keep in mind that these minor inconveniences will all be worth it as you will have long-term success when it comes to your dental care. 

Braces done Right With Tim Loughran

We hope you now have a better understanding of what the best age to get braces is. If you want a more specific and accurate answer do not hesitate to ask a dental professional. Tim Loughran Dentistry is here to help you with all of your children’s dentist and family dentistry needs. We love to hear from patients and would be happy to get you the dental care you need. Contact us today or find us on Facebook!

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