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Common Causes of Tooth Decay


There are many different root causes of tooth decay, from oral hygiene to disease. The cause that we are going to cover today is disease. 

Oftentimes, tooth decay can be a sign that something big and potentially harmful is happening within the body. The mouth functions as a sort of window as to what is happening in the body, or in other words, shows warning signs. These warning signs may be pointing towards tooth decay. There are a variety of common diseases that lead to tooth decay.


Common Diseases Leading to Tooth Decay

Diabetes: A common symptom of diabetes is dry mouth due to a lack of saliva being produced. While this may not seem like a big deal, it is. Having too little saliva is an issue because saliva helps to protect your teeth against harmful bacteria. Without this protection from the bacteria, it becomes easy for the teeth to begin to decay. 

Autoimmune Conditions: Autoimmune conditions can cause the same issues that diabetes does for the teeth. While not all autoimmune conditions affect the mouth and salivary glands, there are many that do have connections with oral health.

Eating Disorders: There are two severe eating disorders that can have harmful effects on a person’s oral health. Anorexia and bulimia are two disorders that occur as a result of the fear of being overweight. In each disorder, the individual suffering will either force themselves to vomit or eat less than they should. 

The lack of proper nutrition caused by these disorders is detrimental to the health of teeth. A certain level of nutrition must be maintained in order to keep good oral health and provide teeth with the vitamins and minerals they need, causing a perfect environment for the teeth to start to decay.


While all of these diseases can lead to tooth decay, this list is far from comprehensive. However, these diseases are common ones. If you believe that you may be struggling with tooth decay, contact Tim Loughran Dentistry.


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