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Dental Health Can Influence General Health


In the past ten years, interesting research has been published linking gum disease with several other inflammatory conditions. It is our goal to help you understand how your dental health effects other areas of your body. Maintaining a healthy mouth could potentially help you slow down the progression of other conditions you may be struggling with. Below are three interesting studies to help you make the connection.

A study appearing in the March 1, 2007, issue of the New England Journal of Medicine strengthens the link between gum disease and blood vessel abnormality. “A link was found between early indications of atherosclerosis and periodontal disease.” The study showed that the group of participants receiving intensive periodontal disease therapy showed statistically important improvements in blood flow within two months of treatment.

A Columbia University Study determined that periodontal disease might increase the risk for type 2 diabetes. The study showed that individuals with higher degrees of periodontal disease were nearly twice as likely to develop diabetes. The study appears in the journal “Diabetes Care” (July 2008).

University of Buffalo researchers have tied periodontal bacteria to pneumonia. “This is the first study to establish unequivocally a link between dental hygiene and respiratory infection”, said the lead author of the study. ( ; search 2004).

Maintaining dental health plays a huge role in your overall health. Prevention is the key to lasting health. If you suspect you have periodontal disease, it is crucial to connect with a dental team you feel comfortable with. We are here to help you.

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