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Still You, Just better

“Still You, Just Better”

Who decides what must be changed in order to make a better smile? We listen closely to the comments and requests made by patients about the appearance of their teeth. Our staff works within their budgets to provide appropriate solutions to fulfill their dental desires. We are successful when our clients are able to have confidence with their better smiles. Most importantly, the changes we made in the following patients look very natural because we were able to retain much of their original, personal characteristics.

This portfolio only contains a few examples of cosmetic dentistry completed in our practice. The images of the teeth and gums are not retouched at all. Each page contains before and after views of one patient. In some of the examples you may be unable to identify all the changes made to the teeth, and that is understandable. We always strive for natural-looking results and patient satisfaction is the most important measure of our success. We know that having a better smile is important to many people and we want you to be happy to show your teeth! We have a long-standing reputation and a sizeable list of satisfied patients who are now smiling brightly. Don’t hesitate to call the dental experts on staff at Tim Loughran Dentistry. We love hearing from new patients and would be happy to help get you the help and the smile you need. Contact Tim Loughran Dentistry today or find us on Facebook!

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