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Should I Replace My Missing Tooth?


At Tim Loughran, we strive to ensure everyone gets to keep their forever teeth, but sometimes, patients will come into our office already missing one or a few teeth. If you have lost a tooth, especially one that isn’t very visible, you may think you can get by without replacing it. However, there can be some serious mental and physical consequences of doing so. Luckily the replacement of a tooth is quite an easy process and has many long-term benefits. 


Your forever teeth: Consequences of not replacing your tooth. 


Not replacing teeth can lead to many long-term problems. One of the most common problems is shifting. The teeth to the right and left of the gap will shift towards the open space to fill the gaps in your mouth. This will cause your teeth to not be aligned properly, a condition called malocclusion. This condition causes deformities like crossbite and overbite and can strain the jaw, increase tooth decay, and may even require surgery. This is due to a multitude of reasons. Not having all of your teeth might cause you to chew food improperly, causing digestive problems, or cause bones lost along the jawline which can cause your mouth to appear misshapen. 


Mental effects of not replacing teeth 


Beyond what can happen to a person physically, missing teeth can also have negative mental effects. Unfortunately, there is a stigma related to missing teeth, most likely caused by common portrayals of people with missing teeth as unintelligent or poor. These pop-culture perceptions can have a huge effect on people in the real world. It is often not worth the negative mental health effects compared to the very simple procedure of replacing a missing tooth. When it comes to your forever teeth, replacing missing teeth can save you a lot of hassle and hardship. 


Restoring your teeth 


If you are ready to replace your tooth, a quick and easy dental implant is only one call away. Trust your local Southern Illinois dental experts at Tim Loughran Dentistry today to get your smile looking good as new. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. 


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