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Wisdom Teeth: How do I know if they need to be removed?


That tricky third set of molars, otherwise known as wisdom teeth, often leads to a lot of pain and trouble when they come in. Because of the way our jaws have adapted, the jaw has shrunk and leaves less space for wisdom teeth, leading to many people having to get theirs removed. What are the signs that you may need your wisdom teeth removed? Dr. Loughran from Tim Loughran Dentistry will tell you. 

Dr. Loughran’s Common Signs To Look For

Overcrowding: Overcrowding causes previously straight teeth to shift. Overcrowded, shifted teeth can lead to an assortment of other issues, from gum issues to infections from trapped food. 

Pain: Pain is one of the first signs that you will need to get your wisdom teeth removed. What does wisdom tooth pain feel like? Commonly, pain that happens as a result of wisdom teeth problems is a dull ache in the jaw. Chewing and eating certain foods can aggravate that pain and making it worse.

Hot/cold sensitivity: When your wisdom teeth begin to come in and cause problems, one of those problems can be the increased hot or cold sensitivity of your teeth. 

Impacted teeth: Impacted teeth occur as a result of wisdom teeth growing in crooked. Wisdom teeth will commonly grow crooked if there is not enough room in your mouth. When this happens, tenderness, swelling, gum infections, and damage to other teeth is often the result. Impacted wisdom teeth are a serious issue, and should be removed as soon as possible. 

What Should I Expect from Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom tooth removal is a fairly common procedure. After the teeth are removed, the area will be sutured using dental sutures to close the wound and allow the wound to heal. Additionally, you will likely be given something for the pain and swelling as well as post-procedure instructions to care for the wound.


Are you wondering if it is time to have your wisdom teeth removed? Schedule an appointment with Dr. Loughran. Dr. Loughran of Tim Loughran Dentistry can take a look and let you know how you should proceed. Contact us today!

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