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Are you looking for a new dentist in the Southern Illinois area? You probably want one that is affordable, close to home, and a dentist with lots of experience. There are many more reasons why a locally owned dentist office is far more superior than a dental franchise. We created a list of these reasons and we think you will agree that a local dentist is the best choice for you and your family.

Personal Care

With a local dentist you will get the personal care that you deserve. A locally owned dentist clinic will not cram a schedule full of patient visits. Local dentists make sure they have enough time with each patient so that you can get all of the attention that you need. A local dentist will also have your dental history on hand which is great for in case of a dental emergency. If you want an affordable dentist but also want quality care then go to a locally owned dentist office.

Same Dentist Every Time

If you go to a dental franchise like Aspen Dental, you might get a different dentist each time you go. A different dentist won’t know your dental history as well as a dentist that you see every time you go. At a local dentist, you will get the same dentist every time you go in for a visit. They will know your dental history and even the small things about you like how you don’t like the sound of the cleaning tools. They will even remember the small details of your life like the vacation you went on last year. A local dentist is interested in getting to know you so that you have the best experience possible.


When looking for an affordable dentist in Herrin, IL, you want to look at the dentist’s reputation. A dentist that has been in the game for a long time will give you the best care. You will want to check out their Google Reviews and see what the community is saying about them. A good dentist will care about his community and make an impact. If you are looking for a dentist in Herrin, IL with a great reputation then check out Tim Loughran Dentistry. Dr. Tim Loughran has been practicing dentistry in Herrin since 1982. He is a member of the American Dental Association and many other professional affiliates. Tim Loughran Dentistry is an affordable dentist clinic that loves to provide quality services to their community.


Choosing a dentist that is close to your home or work is very important. Sometimes it is hard to schedule an appointment around your busy schedule so it’s great to have a dentist that won’t take long to get to. If you live in Herrin, Energy, Carterville, Marion, Carbondale, Goreville, Zeigler, or any other area near here then check out Tim Loughran Dentistry. We are only an 11 minute drive from Carterville, and a 4 minute drive from Energy, IL. If you live in this area it is important to support local businesses like Tim Loughran Dentistry. Supporting small businesses puts your money back into the community and makes it better for everyone!

Choosing a local dentist is great for you and the community you live in. You just can’t get the same care at a dental franchise. Local dentists are just as affordable and should be able to work with your dental insurance. Tim Loughran has been practicing dentistry for 37 years. If you would like to be his patient then give us a call at 618-988-8130 and find us on Facebook!

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