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Common Ways to Damage Your Smile


At Time Loughran Dentistry, we give out plenty of dental health tips to keep your smile in good shape, but today, we are gonna focus on the don’ts. Here are all of the common things people do, to damage their smiles: 

Dental Health Tips: Using your teeth as Tools

Here is one of the best dental health tips. Your teeth are meant to chew food, and that is it. Nothing will damage a smile faster than using them for things they were not meant to be used for. Putting stress on your teeth with materials like metal and plastic, can cause teeth to crack and break. If you have braces, you can kiss them goodbye, as this is the most common way they break. Don’t let your teeth replace your toolbelt. Your teeth will thank you. 

Going to Bed Without Brushing 

When you are tired, it can be hard to get the energy to do anything. However, not taking that extra two minutes to brush your teeth before bed can really damage your smile. The important part of your routine for your teeth is maintaining that routine. Going to bed without brushing your teeth, allows for a build up of bacteria that can cause tooth decay. 

Dental Health Tips: Forgetting to Floss 

Dental floss has many uses, and we love a good DIY, but do not forget to use your dental floss for the purpose it was made for. Dental floss removed bacteria build up from between teeth and lowers the likelihood of chipped teeth and cavities. Avoid bad breath, and do your teeth a favor and remember to brush your teeth. 

Chewing on Hard Candy and Ice 

As tempting as they are, hard candies and sticky candies can really do a number on your teeth. Letting hard candies melt in your mouth can cause sugar to sit on your teeth and cause cavities. Toffee and other sticky candies can get stuck on your teeth and cause stress damage to your crowns. It is also a good idea to avoid chewing on ice, as tempting as this might be. 

Not Wearing a Mouth Guard 

When  preparing for a game a mouth guard should be on your priority list. You should be wearing a mouth guard even if it is a friendly pick up game. Even for non contact sport, many professional athletes that have neglected this vital piece of sports equipment, now have permanent dental damage. 

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