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Floss to Keep Your Teeth Clean


Did you know that over a quarter of adults lie to their dentist about their flossing habits? This is a staggering amount of people who should be flossing daily but aren’t. The 27% of adults who lie about their flossing habits are skipping an incredibly important step of maintaining a high level of dental hygiene. So, why should you pick up the dental floss and floss at least once a day? Here are some reasons why. 


The Benefits of Flossing Daily

Lower Chance of Gum Disease: Those who floss daily have a lower chance of developing gum disease than those who do not floss regularly. 

Less Harmful Effects from Gum Disease: Individuals who currently suffer from gum disease can help to prevent tooth decay and tooth loss by flossing. If they decide to skip flossing, that’s when the chances of tooth decay and tooth loss will increase. 

Plaque Control: When you use dental floss daily, you are removing plaque from between the teeth. 


Common Excuses to Avoid Flossing

There are a few excuses that are very commonly cited as the reason that someone does not floss. 

Time: Many individuals say that they do not have the time to floss, but this should not be an excuse.

Teeth Too Close Together: Many individuals say that their teeth are too close together to floss, but there are solutions to this problem. Other types of dental floss besides unwaxed floss exist. You can get waxed floss or floss coated in polytetrafluoroethylene that will slip easier between tight spaces. 


What About Flossing Alternatives?

Many people wonder if flossing alternatives are an adequate replacement for flossing. The answer is no. While water pics and toothpicks seem like a convenient alternative, in reality, they are not quite as effective as traditional dental floss.


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