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Floss Like A Boss – Making Flossing a Habit


How often do you floss? The recommended amount is once a day, but for most we are all guilty of getting our daily flossing in minutes before we head to our dental appointments. As much as we think flossing is a hassle, it’s beneficial to our health.

Did you know using floss with toothbrushing is more effective than just brushing your teeth alone can reduce plaque and gingivitis? Plaque and gingivitis sound scary just saying it, so reducing any health risk is reason enough to start adding flossing into your daily routine.

Just because you floss sparingly or daily doesn’t mean you’re necessarily doing it right either. The most common mistake when it comes to flossing is sawing back and forth. This is a big NO. If you continue to floss with this technique you can eventually damage your tooth seriously. The best way to floss correctly is at the top of the tooth, in the gum line, and bring it down. Do this and you’re on the road to dental success!

Now comes to the most important question. When should it be done, in the morning or the evening? People who do floss on a regular basis are more likely to floss before bedtime so their mouth is clean while sleeping according to the American Dental Association. However, flossing in the morning because you might be meeting with someone is a good too. The answer is if you’re flossing once a day as recommended it shouldn’t matter when it is done. Not only does it make for healthier teeth and gums, but for a happier dentist. Do this, and Dr. Loughran will surely be impressed at your next visit. 

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